Welcome to Click Random, a torrent (hopefully) of  daily (…hopefully) information, useful or useless, interesting or irrelevant. Prompted by the overlooked Random Article button on Wikipedia, the objective of Click Random is to delve deeper – a challenge to discover more about even the most dull of subjects. You can join in too by sharing… Continue reading Welcome


1976 in Afghanistan

The year, 1976. The country, Afghanistan. A golden era for Afghanistan, according to Waris Ahmed Barak on YouTube. For Wikipedia, it seems that nothing of note happened in Afghanistan until April when floods and earthquakes hit the country. To the surprise of many Afghans, Pakistan delivered aid to Afghanistan, despite tensions between the countries. The… Continue reading 1976 in Afghanistan

Punk Philanthropy in Philadelphia – Lame-O Records

Lame-O Records is hailed as "one of the Philadelphia's best indie record labels". Now it has the honour of being Click Random's sporadic article of the day. The label was founded in 2012 by Eric Osman when he used his savings from working at a coffee shop whilst studying at Drexel University to fund 300… Continue reading Punk Philanthropy in Philadelphia – Lame-O Records

First one for F1 – 2017 eSports Series

I hate driving. Driving at speed? Even worse. I'm no Lewis Hamilton driving my Fiat Panda. But what I can do is tell you about the Formula One eSports Series 2017, which was the first ever official competitive gaming event for the F1 franchise. More than 60,000 virtually gifted drivers attempted to qualify for the… Continue reading First one for F1 – 2017 eSports Series

Poland’s Premier League – Ekstraklasa (1935)

Hello Randomers! I'm back, but this time with a year's worth of Journalism skills, which you'd think would improve my writing, but we'll see about that. For today's random Wikipedia article, we're in Poland to take a quick look at the 1935 Ekstraklasa football season. For all those that don't follow every football league or… Continue reading Poland’s Premier League – Ekstraklasa (1935)

BREAKING: Life Took a Random Twist

  Hello Mum, my most loyal reader. I'm alive... I know I promised that I would post at least once a week after I started my English Masters, but I haven't forgot about you. The thing is, I changed my course at the midnight hour. Now I'm studying journalism, and it's a little more time… Continue reading BREAKING: Life Took a Random Twist

Santo Zago, or is it Titian?

Santo Zago was an Italian or a Venitian fresco painter - a technique to paint a mural on lime plaster - to be more precise, active in 1530 or 1550 according to Wikipedia until his death in around 1568. Zago, a shrewd collector of antiques, was a student of Titian, an arguably more famous Italian painter… Continue reading Santo Zago, or is it Titian?

Teen Killer – Michael Lee Lockhart

This blog may contain sensitive information and descriptions that some may find disturbing - I've been dying to write that on one of these posts, although I probably should have put this warning on all of my other posts for my attempts at humour. Right, let's start with the information over on Wikipedia before I… Continue reading Teen Killer – Michael Lee Lockhart

Click Random Preview – Murder Incoming

No blog post today, I know you're devastated. Much like the story of Randolph Churchill, I want to provide more information than Wikipedia, which means that I must do as much research as possible by reading articles or even watching documentaries. Copying and pasting isn't by bag, baby. As a little preview, I will be… Continue reading Click Random Preview – Murder Incoming

Slow Interesting Article Day – Turbo Imperialis

The Turbo Imperialis is a sea snail, so they must have been having a laugh when they named this species in around 1791. You can find this green shelled snail in South Africa, New South Wales, and maybe even Madagascar. As part of the Turbinidae family - I'm imagining a mafia of snails now - the… Continue reading Slow Interesting Article Day – Turbo Imperialis